Chief GibsonAs your next Sheriff, I plan to be the best administrator for the entire county exemplifying good public relations and management skills. I’m introducing the best open door policy for any community and that’s giving my personal cell phone number to the public [662-719-8200]. That’s open door policy! I won’t dodge your questions or you just stopping by to talk with the Sheriff.  Moreover, you don’t have to have an appointment to see me.  My plan is to increase the productivity of the entire department and bring about the latest in advanced technologies. After several years of the current administration, the time has come to elect me, Anthony “Pates” Gibson, as your next Sheriff who actual has the leadership skills and network to bring about the change necessary for Bolivar County, Mississippi.

My plan is to ACT

ACCOUNTABILITY: Accountability is a noun. It means that as Sheriff I will be held accountable to the citizens of Bolivar County. My policy will hold everyone in the department accountable for their actions and progress. Everyone will be held answerable to me and to those in charge. We will all be liable to those we serve. The Bolivar County Sheriffs Office will be an agency explained.

COMMUNITY: The origin of community comes from the Latin ‘communitatem or communitas. It means fellowship, public, general, shared by all or many. We are a unified body of individuals all with common interests, characteristics and interacting with each other. The current environment of Bolivar is ready for an evolution of change. Depending on how broadly one views this county, interaction between the Sheriff’s Office and the community can be small and local. Participation is common and we as a people can share our community spirit and have our cultural, religious, ethnic and other interests in common. As your next Sheriff, I intend to reside and share government with the community. It is our common cultural and historical heritage. Our community exists and we all share these common characteristics as distinct and respectful within our society.

TRUST: As your next Sheriff there is a condition of one to whom the position has been entrusted. The obligation and responsibility imposed must be held with confidence and authority. It is a position of trust. I am committed to care for this office and will be in charge. Not only will I act with confidence, but reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety on the condition that responsibility and safekeeping is expected from me to whom authority has been placed.

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